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MEDIKOM Online Mobile Application Privacy Policy

«Medikom Clinic» privately held company is responsible for the confidentiality of information, so we would like to get you acquainted with the way we collect, use and disclose it.

MEDIKOM Online mobile application is serviced and provided by «Medikom Clinic» privately held company (hereinafter - the Company), the head office of which is located at 6D Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, Kyiv, 04210, Ukraine. If you install and use this application, some personal data will be collected. The present Privacy Policy provides information on which data we collect, how it is used, and what you can do in case of any questions or concerns.

By providing us with your personal data or by using the mobile application, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

1. Types of data collected

If you want to download and install our mobile application, we may ask you to provide such data as:

  • UDID / IMEI;
  • specialty;
  • model of a device;
  • e-mail (for mobile devices running Android);
  • phone number (for mobile devices running Android).

In our application, additional surveys may be conducted, during which you will be asked to express your opinion.

If you use the feedback form, we will be able to save the data you sent (name, contact phone, e-mail) and messages. This is necessary for us to be able to respond to your request.

When using the mobile application, we store information about your actions (for example, what medical services you have viewed) and personal preferences.

Make sure that the data you provide is accurate and up-to-date, and in case of any changes update it on time.

2. Actions with data collected

We use the data collected by the mobile application for the following purposes:

  • to ensure the smooth operation of the application, as well as provide you with information;
  • to answer your questions;
  • to provide you with technical support services;
  • to perform internal analysis and research, identification of product usage trends in order to improve the mobile application, websites and other products;
  • to send you Push-messages, news and marketing information about services, promotions of «Medikom Clinic» privately held company, but only within the limits permitted by the current laws or specified by you (see section How to disable Push notifications below);
  • to send you administrative notifications;
  • to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of the application.

3. Who can access your data?

The Company cooperates with third-party companies in the development and improvement of the mobile application MEDIKOM Online. These companies may collect statistical information about the use of the application and have the right to use your personal data only to the extent necessary to provide us with relevant services.

Under exceptional circumstances, we may disclose your personal information as required by law, as well as to protect ourselves or third parties from harm and wrongdoing.

4. Cookies

Our website MEDIKOM.UA and this mobile application use cookies. These are small text files that a website sends to your computer to record your online activities. Such files may be used to maintain your preferences when using our site and application, to improve certain aspects of our site and application, to record your online activities, and to provide you with personalized advertising and other materials.

You can disable the use of cookies in the browser settings menu, but in this case some features of our site or application may not be available.

5. Safety

From a commercial point of view, we take measures to protect your personal data. The list of these measures includes processes and procedures aimed at reducing the risks of unauthorized access to your data or its disclosure. However, we do not guarantee complete impossibility of your personal data abuse by violators.

Keep passwords to your accounts in a safe place and do not disclose them to third parties. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password or other security breach, please contact us immediately.

6. How to disable Push notifications

If you no longer want to receive push notifications from us, go to Settings of the MEDIKOM Online mobile application and deactivate this function.

7. Change in the Privacy Policy

We may change the present Privacy Policy.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy come into force from the moment of publication of the new Policy version on the official website MEDIKOM.UA. Your further use of our mobile application after changes are implemented means that you accept the revised Privacy Policy.

8. Contact information

For general questions, please contact customer support using the feedback form in the mobile application (section in Write to us).

You have the legal right to know what kind of your personal data the Company possesses and how this data is processed. If you want to know which personal information we have, send a letter requesting and mentioning the name of the mobile application to the address: «Medikom Clinic» privately held company, 6D Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, Kyiv, 04210, Ukraine. Please note that you can be requested to confirm your identity.

The last update of the present Privacy Policy: 22.11.2021.

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