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Emergency care

Emergency care in Kyiv

Qualified medical care may be needed at any time of the day, on holidays and weekdays. MEDIKOM became the first private medical company to start providing emergency care services in Kyiv with 11 ambulances in its fleet. The teams, equipped with a full arsenal of equipment and medicines, provide medical care at home at all times, not only advising, but, if necessary, delivering a patient to a medical institution, and conduct some diagnostic tests at home.

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Emergency care for adults

Despite the fact that an adult's organism is not as fragile as a child's one, there are symptoms in which you need to immediately call for emergency care:

  • Bleeding
  • Shortness of breath, severe coughing fits
  • Speech disorders
  • Convulsions
  • Fainting or subconscious state
  • Double vision/flickering/seeing spots
  • Dyspeptic disorders
  • Severe stomachache
  • Numbness of the limbs
  • Constriction in the chest
  • Retrosternal pain
  • Severe headache
  • “Acute” abdomen
  • Repeated profuse vomiting
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Sharp weakness, which is accompanied by cold sweat, etc.
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Also, you need to call the emergency care team home in case of:

  • Acute exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Injuries (burns, severe bruises, suspected fractures, etc.).
  • Bites of animals (snakes, dogs, etc.).
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Urgent care

Advantages of house-call of the emergency care team:

  1. Timely provided medical care.
  2. Full confidentiality.
  3. Time saving.
  4. Properly made diagnosis.
  5. Your peace of mind.

House-call of the emergency care team is carried out as soon as possible.

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Emergency care for children

Emergency care for children is necessary if a child has the following dangerous clinical manifestations of the pathology development:

  • Signs of dehydration (lethargy, paleness of the skin cover, drowsiness, dry mucous membranes, rare urination)
  • Confusion of consciousness
  • Stomachache
  • Convulsions
  • Dyspeptic symptoms (vomiting)
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath, intermittent or rough breathing
  • Child injury
  • The baby cries long and hard, and you cannot calm him down
  • The toddler complains of pain and / or has limited movement
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Also, you need to call the emergency care team if:

  • A child is injured or suffered burns.
  • A kid complains of pain and/or his movements are limited.
  • A baby is crying for a long time, and you cannot calm it down.
  • A child was bitten by an animal (snake, dog, etc.).

Emergency consultation will be necessary if a child does poorly after vaccination, with an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Parents should not forget: often, even an ordinary cold can lead to dire consequences, so you should not wait for the weekend termination - you need to seek medical care immediately if problems arise.

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Advantages of calling the emergency care team home:

  1. 24-hour care.
  2. A child in a familiar environment feels calm and protected.
  3. There is no need to wait in a live queue or make an appointment in advance.
  4. The examination is carried out by a qualified pediatrician.
  5. You can immediately have your samples taken and conduct rapid tests.

Emergency doctors examine a child, conduct treatment, if necessary - resuscitation, provide the opportunity for additional diagnostics. The children's ambulance of Kyiv from the clinic MEDIKOM will provide quick transportation of a child to any medical institution of the capital at the request of a small patient’s parents.

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Medical support

Medical support is a comprehensive service for provision of medical care, which implies the presence of emergency medical care teams. They ensure safety of the event and provide medical services to those in need.

You can't do without medical support when it comes to concert programs, sporting contests, corporate parties, festivals, filming, private events with a large crowd of people, mass gatherings, mourning ceremonies, etc.

You can order emergency care to accompany an event at the clinic MEDIKOM. The emergency care team attendance at the events in Kyiv is carried out on specially equipped ambulances, ready to provide all necessary types of medical care.

Our resuscitation ambulances are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows conducting a series of examinations and providing quick assistance in conditions of varying severity. Doctors have all necessary certified medicines for care provision.

Patient transportation
Ambulance equipment

Ambulance services include:

  • emergency care on site;
  • stabilization of the injured person's condition;
  • if necessary, hospitalization in medical institutions of the city.

For more than 20 years of providing medical support, the clinic MEDIKOM has ensured the medical safety of world-wide performers, such as: Shakira, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Electric Light Orchestra, Uriah Heep, Scorpions, Prodigy. Also, our doctors were ready to immediately come to aid during the Days of Kyiv on Podil, the Cross Procession in Pochaiv, the concerts on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, at the air show in Hostomel, during the World Golf Championship and other events.

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Patients transportation

Transportation of patients in Kyiv is carried out on modern resuscitation ambulances equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide emergency care, which may be needed on the way.

Transport medical services provided by MEDIKOM:

  • Transportation of patients in Ukraine.
  • Transportation of a patient for additional diagnostic tests.
  • Transportation of bed patients from one medical institution to another, home.
  • Medical escort of patients to foreign clinics by motor, rail or water transport, air ambulance, or to the airport.
  • Transportation of a patient from the clinic home.

Medical transportation

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Prices For services marked with an asterisk*, a regular client discount of 10% and 15% does not apply.

3519. The subspecialist (adult) visit at home / at clinic within Kiev city

2800 UAH

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788. Pediatrist home consultation within Kyiv city

2300 UAH

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787. Pediatrist home consultation within 30 km

2900 UAH

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790. Pediatrist home consultation over 30 km

3800 UAH

More Close down
3522. The subspecialist (pediatric) visit at home / at clinic within Kiev city

2500 UAH

More Close down
3521. The subspecialist (pediatric) visit at home / at clinic outside Kiev city up to 30km

3000 UAH

More Close down
1305. Home colsultation of subspecialist outside of Kyiv city, over 30km

3800 UAH

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House-call of a doctor

Regardless of who gets sick in your house, whether an adult or a child, house-call of a doctor in Kyiv will help resolve all your questions.

Doctor's consultation at home includes:

  • examination of a patient;
  • determination of the disease or injury severity;
  • emergency diagnostic measures;
  • making a diagnosis;
  • emergency medical care in volumes that are possible at home;
  • necessary treatment order.

Our doctors will help organize a patient’s monitoring at home or in hospital. It is possible to call a nurse home, who will carry out the manipulations prescribed by the doctor (injections, droppers), do an electrocardiogram, and take the necessary samples.

The house-call of a doctor (as a primary care physician, as well as a narrow specialist and pediatrician) is carried out as soon as possible.

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